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Chemseals is one of the leading providers of industrial sealing technology worldwide. We're a young, dynamic, and well-trained team of professionals dedicated to delivering industrial sealing solutions. We strive to exceed customer expectations in every way. Our seals are widely used for various industries: Mechanical seals for pumps, Agitator seals, Compressor seals, Marine seals. Sealing technology by Chemseals is used worldwide in the oil and gas industries, refineries, thepetrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries.

Chemseals was established 1990, and since then it has been a key contact in the manufacturing of mechanical seals. It is the mechanical seal that has particularly caught our attention as a component in which we can put our passion for mechanics to use, which is what drives us. Technical staffs at our company have spent the past few years studying and testing mechanical seals with the ultimate goal of increasing the reliability of the machines and minimising all the difficulties that can arise in the case of rotary machines, such as vibration, alignment issues and stress conditions

During the past few years, we have not only tackled the problem from a technical point of view, but have also developed products that offer our partners interchangeability, universality, and ease of installation and maintenance at competitive prices thanks to the experience we have gained with pump manufacturers and compressor manufacturers. Chemseals mechanical seals are highly durable and of the highest quality. Chemseals can also design mechanical seals for critical applications on request. Chemicals is dedicated to advancing its operations and services while contributing to the development of its customers

Apart from mechanical seals, Chemseals is also manufacturing machine made parts for customers based on their specifications since the past few years. These machine made parts are manufactured with high levels of precision and quality. Parts made of material like SS 316 & 304, aluminium, mild steel, ceramics, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, brass and bronze are also machined in Chemseals.

As an ISO-certified company for occupational health and safety management as well as good quality products, Chemseals produces premium quality products. There are more than seven countries in the world where we export our products. In addition to the investment in and development of world-class manufacturing facilities, electronic processes, and our Design, Technical, and Material Standards that underpin this Total Quality Philosophy, we apply these principles within our product development process. Innovating and staying abreast of new technologies is part of our business philosophy.

Our Mission:

Chemseals mission is to provide our customers with complete customer satisfaction, and we reciprocate by delivering top-notch service, completing assignments on schedule, and within budget. In order to accomplish this goal, we will strive to maintain a diverse and constant supply of products, so that maintenance and production downtime can be kept at a minimum, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced operating costs. As part of our strategy, we aim to expand our business in more countries and gain a larger client base.

The Importance of sealing technology.

The development of sealing technology has long gone hand in hand with industrial progress. Whether in the past, present or future, nearly all machines and systems need to be sealed reliably and securely either dynamically or statically. Seals are vital for both function and safety and are therefore a key component in almost every industrial plant.

Mechanical Seals Supplies for virtually any application.

Chemseals Mechanical Seals are one of the most effective ways of sealing rotating shafts, consisting of two lapped faces arranged perpendicular to the axis of the rotating shaft (which gives rise to the alternative name Radial Face Seal, Pump Seals or Packings). One face is fixed to the equipment casing or vessel, while the other is fixed to the shaft and so rotates with it. Frictional heat generation and wear are controlled by maintaining a film of lubricant between the seal faces. As such, mechanical seals resemble thrust bearings

Sealing technology for plants and machines.

Our mechanical seals, seal supply systems, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints, gaskets and packings are used wherever reliability and safety are needed.

Quality Mechanical Seal.

Quality, Design, Manufacture, Materials, Inspection, Assembly provided by Electronic Systemisation of Product Specification and Supply, are critical to the Mechanical Seal’s Capability, performance and life. Chemseals fully understands the true meaning and importance of Quality and have long practiced the principle of Total Product and Supply Quality, through a dedication to installing built-in reliability and quality into every aspect of our company.

Reliable Product

The key is surety, safety, reliability and the resultant seal capability, performance and life. We pride ourselves on being The Most Cost Competitive, Lowest Total Cost Provider of Quality Mechanical Seals. Chemseals welcomes visitors to view all of our production and distribution facilities, to see for yourselves the Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction Policy, which is central to our success.

Chairman Message

At Chemseals, I am fortunate to be apart of an excellent team that works to reach this success and greatness. We're all challenged in business world, and we all want to make a lasting impact. In a depressed market environment, Chemseals remains well-positioned to take advantage of market opportunities. Our exports have grown steadily, and this has enabled us to meet our volume targets. Keeping up with the latest technologies while constantly developing new products and innovative manufacturing methods to meet our customers' stringent quality requirements is a constant priority at our company.

Today, we are the preferred supplier of mechanical seals for pumps, Agitator seals, Compressor seals, Marine seals.

Contribution to Communities and the Environment

We contribute to the welfare of communities and build a most trusted company.

As a result, Chemseals has established a long history for developing and providing some of the highest quality products to the oil and gas industries, refineries, the petro-chemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, food processing, energy, water, mining, paper, aerospace, and other industries.

Our success would not be possible without the contribution of our customers and dedicated employees who have shared in our incredible journey thus far.

We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations.

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