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Gland Packing is a contact seal that is more customizable and can withstand higher pressures and circumferential speeds than radial shaft seal rings. Gland packing is widely used for sealing and limiting the leakage of the working fluid along the stem of valves and along the shaft of pumps. . Initially, old ropes and natural fiber items were utilized to seal... with different degrees of success. The technology has advanced to the point that numerous combinations of synthetic fibers and cutting-edge materials are now used, and gland packing is even used in demanding applications such as nuclear settings and the handling of corrosive goods. The gland packing must be adjusted with extreme caution in order to allow for the least amount of leakage.

Properties of Good Gland Packing are:

Anti-friction properties, Chemical resistance, Temperature resistance, Compressibility and resilience, Retention of lubricants, non-corrosive, wear-resistant.

Materials used in Gland Packing:

Jute, Flax, Hemp, Cotton, PTFE, Wrapped metal foils, Graphite fiber, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Poly acryl nitrile fibers.

The Advantages of Gland packing are:

A reliable sealing method, simple to install and maintain, works very well in abrasive media and corrosive environments, very cost-effective in downtime as very little time is required to change a gland packing, as little as fifteen minutes.

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